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Any person accessing The Travel Partnership Corporation's (TTPC) web site accepts, without limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions of use set forth below and any additional terms and conditions of use set forth in links on this web site that connect to other web sites.

  1. Copyright. All images, text, programs, and other materials found in the TTPC web site are protected by the United States copyright laws. Any commercial use of the images, text, programs or other materials found in the TTPC web site is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of TTPC.

  2. Trademarks. The names, logos, and taglines identifying TTPC's products and services are proprietary marks of TTPC Corporation. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

  3. Content Submission. Certain areas of the TTPC web site allow for the exchange of information between you, the user, and TTPC. Any submission by the user becomes the property of TTPC, and the user implicitly grants TTPC the authority and right to use that content in accordance with TTPC corporate privacy policies. If you send any communications or materials to the TTPC web site by electronic mail or otherwise, including any comments, data, questions, suggestions, or the like, all such communications are and will be treated as, non-confidential and non-proprietary. Thus, the user gives up any claim that any use of such material violates any of the user's rights including moral rights, privacy rights, proprietary or other property rights, publicity rights, rights to credit for material or ideas, or any other right, including the right to approve the way TTPC uses such material.

  4. User Responsibility. The user assumes all responsibility for use of the TTPC web site. The user waives all claims against TTPC Corporation, its officers, directors, employees, suppliers, and programmers that may arise from the use of the TTPC web site.

  5. Accuracy of Information. While we have attempted to ensure the accuracy of the information, neither TTPC nor its information contributors can be held responsible by user for the accuracy of the information found in the TTPC web site. All information in the web site is provided "as is." TTPC makes no expressed or implied warranty as to the accuracy or merchantability of content or programming.

  6. Disclaimer. Certain links in this web site connect to other web sites maintained by third parties over whom TTPC has no control. TTPC makes no representations as to the accuracy or any other aspect of information contained in other web sites.


Please e-mail us at Secretariat if you have any questions with regard to the agreement.

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