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SmartConnect is a member-only group for .travel business owners. .Travel is the exclusive domain name extension for the travel and tourism industry. Smart travel companies use .travel to showcase their business as legitimate travel community members, which helps them stand out and attract more customers. Administered by The Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC), the .Travel SmartConnect LinkedIn group brings together .Travel members from different parts of the industry and provides opportunities for you to promote your businesses, build your referral network, and establish relationships with buyers and suppliers.


  • Keep it civil! We read all comments and posts to filter spam and ensure high-quality discussion.

  • Keep posts on the topics of travel and tourism.

  • Report all spam or inappropriate content to the group Administrator.

To provide a productive forum for members, only posts related to the travel and tourism industry will be approved. Abusive language and inappropriate postings will be deleted and repeated offenders will be removed from the group.


Members are encouraged to post:


  • Educational and informative resources that help travel and tourism businesses manage and grow their businesses.

  • Destination information.

  • Best practices in travel and tourism.


Group moderator will give members opportunity to provide a profile of their business and to view other members’ profiles for networking, referral, and relationship building purposes. Please do not use posts to promote your businesses.


Please e-mail us at Secretariat if you have any questions with regard to the policy.

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